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ONO Founder Ke Xu: Public Governance in DPOS

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10 AM (Beijing Time) , July 3,KeXu, founder of ONO joins Mars Global to share opinions

ONO Founder Ke Xu: Public Governance in DPOS 

Time :10 AM (Beijing Time) ,  July 3   10 PM(ET) /7 PM(PST) , July 2

Groups:Mars Finance Global Family

Ke Xu:the founder of ONO,founded ERA, a social network with 10 million users that  sold to a NASDAQ listed company called Cheetah Mobile

Vivi Lin:Mars Finance Global Partner ,General Manager of Mars Finance International Wechat Community 

Steven(Tianyuan) Wei:Finance in Miami university ,Co-founder of Sharp Eye Capital,Invest and Incubate high-quality overseas projects,Media,Exchange,Mine

sold all  20,000 BTC 

Steven Wei:KeXu,welcome 

though not a long time to get along, but I feel you gain a strong understanding of blockchain. Next, pls enjoy your adea.

KeXu:Hi everyone, I’m Ke! It's nice to have an opportunity to talk here.

I will introduce myself a little bit before I start to talk about governance.

Steven Wei: let’s go.

KeXu:I’m the founder of ONO, a leading global decentralized social network. I got started in blockchain as a miner during university in 2013. Unfortunately, I sold all my 20,000 BTC in 2014;)

Steven Wei:Really? Do you have picture?



haha:) after graduating at the age of 19 from the UCL in 2014, I founded ERA, a social network with 10 million users that I sold to a listed company. Soon after, I returned to my blockchain roots to found CryptoDogs, China’s CryptoKitties equivalent, which was equally lauded in China with thousands of Ethereum sold the first day of the game’s launch. However, with privacy scandals and questions about ownership plaguing major social networks, I recognized an opportunity to build a new type of social network, which we call ONO and launched this 2018.

Currently ONO has acquired 300,000 users within the first two months of the app’s beta launch. We are going to launch our mainnet based on

Therefore, I will talk about today's theme "public governance in DPOS”.

First of all, this is a controversial topic. But We still cannot deny that BTC, ETH or EOS all have made great contributions to the industry of block chain.

We need to reach a consensus on this point before we can continue this topic. Otherwise, I don’t want to lead this to a meaningless fight among communities anyway.

The latest news, BM's proposal to amend the constitution, has led to the pissed voice of famous Chinese investors that "we don’t fxck with the authoritarian founder, I will sell all my EOS in next few months" (in fact, it has more or less affected the price).

Lots of people in community are also complaining about BM, said “he is changing everyday”.

In fact, we know that in the DPOS mechanism, unlike POS or POW, because of the role of BP, there will inevitably be a lot of human governance. It is difficult for everyone to do pulic governance. Even Trump can not do very well. The debate on public governance has never stopped.

KeXu:I knew that will be controversial.

This is not a denouncement of the dpos mechanism. There are many topics about whether DPOS is a real blockchain. We won’t discuss it here. However, we can not deny that the reason why most of the developers choose to use the DPOS or participate in the EOS development is because it is at the moment the platform that allows developers to deliver a DApp that can be used by the public and therefore go mainstream. EOS allows to bring infinite TPS.

Steven Wei: This topic will be controversial.

Vivi:It exposed human nature again - so hard to reach consensus .

KeXu:Public governance is important because of the existence of BP. In my view of philosophy, blockchain community governance should be similar to that of Laozi in Taoism. “small country, fewer people, govern by doing nothing that goes against nature”.

This is actually very similar to liberalism or anarchism as we already discussed in this group few days ago with jeffrey and david.

I think the founding team should not be TOO involved in public governance. The founder's viewpoint will naturally affect the community and recessive guidance.

It is undeniable that the community will remain in a state of chaos for a long time if done this.

Therefore, the establishment of bottom line and incentives can effectively promote the birth of order.

Once mistakes occur, they will lead to irreversible problems. It is difficult to overthrow some historical mistakes. People in the community because of the habit of the old governance model,If try to change, will cause conflicts of interest.

has member of EOS

Steven Wei: Your team has member of EOS, who?

KeXu: But decentralize governance is what we want to see. The community should gradually form a consensus in chaos and find its own governance mode.

Steven Wei:


KeXu: Ohoh he is matias and mini !

I mentioned the philosophical concept of ONO DAC (decentralized autonomous community) in the ONO white paper, and I hope that the ONO community can develop this way. and this is only my personal view. I am restrained in expressing my personal opinions in the community. Most members can impeach me, or kick me out.

Vivi:The issue is not even centralized vs decentralized, but also security . 

If you don’t have security, you can’t scale.Losing the whole point .

KeXu:I want to see the people all over the world no longer divide nationality through race, skin color, and origin, but through the autonomy of various communities in the blockchain to reach the connection of civilizations and consensus.

The point I want to clarify is that this is not only about technical nodal consensus, but about community governance.

(because voting in dpos is done by human volition).

OK, I think I've almost done it. Thank you for your time. Thank Mars finance for giving me this opportunity to share with you here.

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